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How to Organize Inventory for a Small Business on a Budget

If you find yourself running a small business out of an apartment, townhouse, or a single bedroom - inventory is eventually going to become a problem. For small business owners, storing your inventory might not be a problem - but finding it once orders start pouring in can be a challenge. I've had inventory lost, and believe me, it's not a fun experience for you or your buyer, and can jeopardize your entire business if it continues to happen. Whether you are selling on [...]

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Need a Cheap Thermal Printer for eBay or Amazon? 5 Models Under $200

If you find yourself like I did - in need of a way to print labels quicker for eBay, Amazon, or any other e-commerce business your are running, investing in a thermal printer is a must. Time is money, and while using a standard inket printer and some clear packing tape may work for smaller sellers, a thermal printer takes literally one second to print a label. Off with the backing, and straight on the package. There are dozens of models out there, but instead [...]

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Staples Hyken Chair vs Herman Miller Aeron – Budget Office Chair Review

Thinking about a good office chair for your small business? Today, I'm going to be reviewing a couple of desk chairs I sit in every single day. At work, there is the classic Aeron chair by Herman Miller. In my home office writing this blog, I'm currently sitting in the Hyken Model chair by Staples. First off, one thing to keep in mind is that these chairs differ greatly in their new purchase price. Expect to pay anywhere from around $500 to over $1,500 depending [...]

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How to Lower Your Electric Bill in Your Apartment – 5 Quick Tips

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, the average monthly electric bill hovers just over $110. If you live in states like New York, Massachusetts, you're probably used to paying almost double that amount. I think back to the first apartment I rented straight out of college around 2014 that was built in the 1980s. It was very poorly insulated, which led to extremely high electric bills each month, despite never being too comfortable to begin with. If you find yourself renting (like I have), [...]

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How to Save Money in College – 6 Creative Tips for Students

Heading off to college, but want to save a little extra money? There are numerous ways to save extra cash, but we want to highlight a few of of easiest for every college student. here are 6 creative tips on how to save money in college: Take Credit Hours at 2-year Public Colleges As a transfer student, I think back to the cost of online classes at the university I attended. One study indicated that 2-year public schools are typically at least half of [...]

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Building a Small Business? 8 Cost-Saving Tips for 2018

So you're trying to build up your small business, and thought you would consult Google. The results page is filled with so-called 'cost-saving' business tips, but many are just not relevant to most. Tips like obtaining a business license, setting up an LLC, hiring an accountant, and spending $10,000 on what's, well..just an idea at this point. Not to worry, many of these 8 cost-saving tips for building a small business can be applied with a couple hundred dollars, or no cost at all: 1. Leverage [...]

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