Where do Guys Shop for Affordable Clothes? 10 Stores I Recommend

As a millennial, I'm not accustomed to going into the men's section of a department store and leaving with an entire outfit. There are just way too many brands I love that I usually can't find in these stores. If you're looking for a good place to find affordable clothes on a budget, there are a ton of options both online and offline. Why pay any more than you have to, right? I'm going to share 5 brick and mortar stores and 5 online [...]

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8 Memorable Outdoor Bachelor Party Ideas Under $100 Per Person

If you're prepping for a big bachelor party blowout, money can be tight for you and 10 of your best friends. Your groomsmen probably need to shell out some money for a tux rental and whatever else is required, but you still need to have a sweet bachelor party. If you don't want to burden friends with an expensive on a trip to the Bahamas or Vegas, there are some other great options. Here's a quick list of  7 outdoor bachelor party activities all for [...]

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How to Dress Well on a Budget as a Guy – 5 Outfits for Around $50

If you're anything like me, you want to look good for your first day at work, your mid-week date night, or for a simply confidence boost. We've seen all of the ads on Instagram, Facebook, billboards, and television commercials, but who has $200 to spend on a button down shirt and pants? The truth is you don't have to drive brand new BMWs or a penthouse apartment to wear the same brands. There are a few ways to get the look you want, wearing [...]

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How to Save Money in College – 6 Creative Tips for Students

Heading off to college, but want to save a little extra money? There are numerous ways to save extra cash, but we want to highlight a few of of easiest for every college student. here are 6 creative tips on how to save money in college: Take Credit Hours at 2-year Public Colleges As a transfer student, I think back to the cost of online classes at the university I attended. One study indicated that 2-year public schools are typically at least half of [...]

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