8 Memorable Outdoor Bachelor Party Ideas Under $100 Per Person

If you’re prepping for a big bachelor party blowout, money can be tight for you and 10 of your best friends. Your groomsmen probably need to shell out some money for a tux rental and whatever else is required, but you still need to have a sweet bachelor party.

If you don’t want to burden friends with an expensive on a trip to the Bahamas or Vegas, there are some other great options. Here’s a quick list of  7 outdoor bachelor party activities all for around 100 dollars per person. Keep in mind, many of these assume that you will plan to split costs among 3 or 4 friends at minimum. If you’re inviting many more, cost may not be a huge concern.

1. Hit the Driving Range

This is one of the cheapest activities on the list. Expect to pay somewhere around 10 cents per ball or cheaper, depending on the quantity. You might also want to check out a few driving range games you can play to mix things up. One of my favorites is “horse”. The same as basketball, you basically pick your target and your club, and if the shot sticks, the other person has to make replicate it. If they miss, they get a letter.

Depending on where you live, Top Golf is a great indoor and outdoor option. If you’re not familiar, Top Golf is basically a technology driven driving range. According to to their website, you basically rent a bay and pay $25 to $35 per hour from open to 5PM, and after 5PM you pay $45 per hour. Basically $7.50 per person with 6 players. Aside from paying by the hour, they also offer food and adult beverages and should stay within that $100 budget.

Click here to see if there is a Top Golf near you.

If you’ve never been, it’s a really cool experience that allows you to compete against your friends, and the format is pretty similar to bowling. For more information, check out this video on YouTube or browse others:

If you’re with a group of regular golfers, it’s a good warmup (or follow up) after a day on the course.

2. Round of Golf

As a follow up to the driving range (or in place of) a round of golf is always a fun way to kill an afternoon or even evening. I’m not sure if there are any 18-hole courses open at night, but I do know that several par three courses are available to play at night across the country that would be fun.

The average round of golf is estimated to be around 50 dollars per person to play on the weekends, with another $10-15 for cart rentals.

Not on the List – Female Caddies

Okay, so splurging on a female caddie may not be the best investment of your money, but I thought I’d include it anyway. It’s a truly unique service popping up in states known for golf like Florida and South Carolina. After doing some research, they are available at $100 to $200 per round not including tips.

3. Outdoor Shooting Range

You might want to consider an outdoor shooting range as a good option for some groups, depending on what your familiarity and skill level of your group is. You may want to stick to paintball if you don’t feel comfortable with

Depending on your interests, heading to your local gun range can be a great way to kill an afternoon, and is pretty affordable. Keep in mind that some outdoor ranges require a membership application, while others only require you have a basic knowledge of safety rules (obviously). For an outdoor session, expect to pay anywhere between about 10 dollars to 20 dollars per hour.

4. Paintball

Paintball is another outdoor activity that’s a good alternative to the gun range. Costs are still not outrageous, but you can expect to pay around $30 for rental gear, plus field fees of anywhere between $10 to $25 according to some estimates.

Paintball fields can vary. Some are pretty basic with basic inflatable barriers, while others simulate a Call of Duty type experience:

Even if you have never played paintball, this is my personal favorite and definitely is a thrilling experience for everyone involved.

5. The Concert Experience

This is one of my personal favorites, especially in the summer, and is a great weekend kickoff since many take place on Friday or Saturday. Check your local concert venues for concert times. The average cost of a concert ticket in the United States is around $80 per ticket depending on the act. I’ve honestly never paid anything close to that for outdoor venues, especially country concerts. You can usually purchase lawn tickets for around $40 if you just want to get in. I’ve even showed up about an hour beforehand and purchases them for less than face value, which I wouldn’t really recommend with a group.

If you plan on tailgating, you might want to find a good outdoor concert venue near an airport or hotel if your crew plans on drinking.

I found a really cool concert calendar tool at ConcertCalendarUSA.com that lists all the dates for major concerts in the United States.

6. Racing

From NASCAR to your local dirt track, this is a good option, again depending on your group. Other than the Daytona 500, NASCAR tickets usually range anywhere from $30-$100 per person, depending on the race. If you’ve never been, it’s definitely an unforgettable experience.

You may even want to try camping in the infield the day before the race, and experience this culture. It’s definitely a great party-like atmosphere with usually a lot to do outside of the track before the race.  Click here for NASCAR’s biggest circuit, the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series.

Go-cart Racing

You also might want to consider go-cart racing is not what it used to be. It’s moved indoors These days, companies like K1 Speed have transformed this experience to be an attractive option to groups and corporate events. They have locations throughout the United States, and offer pretty competitive pricing options. Their electric carts even reach speeds of 45 miles per hour indoors! and require a head sock and full face helmet to ride.

This experience usually includes a brief training session before beginning and may require a reservation if you’re planning on bringing 5 to 10 people.

7. The Classic Cookout

A cookout is always a solid option whether you plan on camping or staying home. I know in my area, there are several state parks that offer free grills and shelters that may be a good option for keeping costs low. If you can get a hold of a pig cooker, you can purchase a whole pig for somewhere around $200 at many grocery stores like Publix.

Whether it’s barbecue or steaks, grilling out is definitely a great outdoor activity.

8. State Park

Whether you are camping or just plan on spending the day, state parks are a great low-cost option if you have an crew that likes the outdoors. I recently went camping not long ago, and it was a pretty cool experience. From hiking to the base of a waterfall, to cook steaks over campfire, it’s a great kickoff to a bachelor weekend. Check out this tool to find state parks near you. This shouldn’t cost much more than gas or food.




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